Our mission is to serve as a resource for information about the past and present culture of German-speaking people. Through cultural and educational programs, Goethe House Wisconsin seeks to provide people of all ages with a greater awareness of evolving German societies and in doing, promote strong relations, friendships and understanding.

Summer German Courses


Registration for Summer 2016 Courses now available!

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Summer 2016 Courses Schedule

Accelerated German 101 will begin Thursday August 4th and end on Thursday, September 1st.  German Conversation will begin on Wednesday, August 3rd and end on Wednesday, August 24th.

Course Descriptions:  

Accelerated German 101 is the same great German 101 that Goethe House offers to brand new learners of German, but instead of meeting once a week for 9 weeks, Accelerated German 101 will meet twice a week for 4 and a half weeks!  Accelerated German 101 students can expect to have the skills to make the most of their German vacations, and be ready to move on to German 102 in the Fall.

German Conversation is a fast-paced, energetic course for students who want to be able to speak German fluently and spontaneously in various situations.  The instructor will utilize learning techniques from theatre and improv classes to get you to speak as much German as you can in real-life situations.  No textbook is required, instead students will be given a vocabulary list and hand-outs to prepare for the next class.  Prerequisite: Students in German Conversation are expected to be familiar with basic German grammar and vocabulary. Only students who have completed German 104 at Goethe House or at least one semester of college German may enroll.   

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